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My 1964 C20 project is coming along

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Serious question


What’s the highest dose of injectable testosterone you’ve ever heard of someone being on?

I’m on 150 mgs a week (every 7 days).  

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hootercrazed asked: You are an amazingly sexy man! And the longhair looks great on you! But the pompadour is hot too. Im torn! lol


Thanks for the compliment!  I cut my hair because of my receding hairline.  I am glad to know it still looks good!

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Anonymous asked: you look so good!!! especially for your age(-: you look very strong and you have a lovely personality. I think it's wonderful you offer help to people that are scared with transitioning. you are a lovely human being!!!!!!


WOW!  Thank you for the kind words!!

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Ready for Pride in Denver…..Kilts RULE!!!

Ready for Pride in Denver…..Kilts RULE!!!

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1947 Knucklehead……SWEET!

1947 Knucklehead……SWEET!

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Has Dr. Garramone changed ? →


In the past few days, I have been reading about Dr. Garramone’s less than stellar reviews in a few groups on Facebook as more and more people are starting to speak up about their not so good experiences. Some of the people discussed bed side manner, his revision costs being the same as the…

I had surgery with him 2 years ago and at that time he was offering lipo along with the chest surgery (he did try to talk me in into the lipo or “manscape” a couple of times).  As far as his bedside manner he was pretty cool with me.  On the negative side he told me that he will never take insurance.  I went to him because he was convenient and I lived in Florida (Tampa) at the time and he was highly recommended.  I didn’t stay at New Beginnings Retreat because he did not recommend them and I had heard a lot of negative things about them.

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