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My 1964 C20 project is coming along

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Serious question


What’s the highest dose of injectable testosterone you’ve ever heard of someone being on?

I’m on 150 mgs a week (every 7 days).  

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hootercrazed asked: You are an amazingly sexy man! And the longhair looks great on you! But the pompadour is hot too. Im torn! lol


Thanks for the compliment!  I cut my hair because of my receding hairline.  I am glad to know it still looks good!

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Anonymous asked: you look so good!!! especially for your age(-: you look very strong and you have a lovely personality. I think it's wonderful you offer help to people that are scared with transitioning. you are a lovely human being!!!!!!


WOW!  Thank you for the kind words!!

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Ready for Pride in Denver…..Kilts RULE!!!

Ready for Pride in Denver…..Kilts RULE!!!

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1947 Knucklehead……SWEET!

1947 Knucklehead……SWEET!

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