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Anonymous asked: As far as ordering testosterone from napsgear to they ship to US And do you need a rx from a dr?


Yes they ship to the US and no you don’t need an rx (understand this: it is illegal to purchase steroids without a prescription).

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Having fun with my new scooter :)

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Missing a dose or two


I’ve looked online but I’m just curious. Any experience with people missing a dose or two? I am on 100mg a week and have taken it every week for over a year now, but something is messed up at the pharmacy, I’m out of t and I won’t be able to get it filled until next week or maybe the week after. I know I’m just freaking out but missing those two shots isn’t going to cause shark week to come back or anything, right?

Since you have been on T for only a year, most likely if you haven’t had your shot for 2 weeks you will get your period back.  It really depends on your body and how it responds to your chemical make up.  No worries….once you are back on T you will be ok.  

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Any trans guys stop getting muscle cramps from shots after about 8 months?


I got really bad muscle cramps my first few months on T and im about 10 months now but I haven’t cramped at all after for a couple months now. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong…?

You may have low potassium and/or you may not be hydrated enough.  If you drink alcohol it dehydrates you even more now that you are on T.  I drink at least a gallon of water a day to keep hydrated.  Your body is adjusting to the T….make sure that you stay hydrated!!!

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I have noticed that when I am due for my T Shot, I can give myself my injection on my left butt cheek and have no pain 97% of the time. However, it is the exact opposite for the right one, which is no pain only 3% of the time. I hate it…every time I find the no pain spot on the right, I can’t find it again the next time it’s due on that side.

I wonder if others have the same problem with one side working better than the other.

Try injecting in your thigh(s).  I feel that it is much easier than your ass and you don’t need to use a 1.5 inch needle (I use a 1 inch needle).

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Anonymous asked: your voice has changed a lot?


Since I started taking T?  It changed within a couple of years since I was cycling T.

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Anonymous asked: What changes in your life after the surgery? are you happy now?


Changes:  Well I have lived most of my life as male….I have changed my name and gender.  Am I happy?  Hell yeah!!!

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milehighlupe asked: You probably live really close to me haha. We're always at Cheeseman. We're off Colfax and High! Small world Denver can be lol


Hey! We are at Williams and 13th. I thought you lived in Cali. So what brings you back to Denver?

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Anonymous asked: Ftm, but no bottom surgery?


Obviously you haven’t read my profile….and what do you mean by “ftm but no bottom surgery?”. I am comfortable in my own skin and that is all that matters to me. I am man enough not to choose to have bottom surgery…. It is something that is not that important to me at the moment. You posting as anon are definitely not comfortable in your own skin.

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Anonymous asked: what did u look like as a girl?


I have posted pictures of me as a teen in my previous life on my profile. Feel free to check them out.

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